While the policy was in effect, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) did not protect transgender service members in the United States. Since DADT repeal, transgender military personnel are still not protected. In fact, it has always been—and continues to be—perfectly legal to “ask” if they are trans and fire them. However, the United Kingdom (UK) has accepted transgender service members since 1999, before they authorized openly serving lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) personnel. This workplace gender discrimination affects everyone and if we can achieve equality in the military we can achieve equality elsewhere. TransMilitary engages and entertains the audience while challenging their assumptions about gender and gender identity, thereby making this content a catalyst for change.


TransMilitary addresses transphobia in America with real-life stories of transgender service members on active duty, serving in silence, as they defy the military ban, as compared to their British counterparts, who have been openly active for more than 13 years. A compelling series designed to share the reality of transgender service members’ lives. Coming to your screens this Spring 2014.